Cricket Cages

Cricket Cages


We supply a wide range of outdoor cricket practice nets, mobile cricket cages and mobile cricket nets, from 7.3m long to 20m long. Our cricket cages are supplied in 3 ranges - Club, Premier, and Professional designed to meet all levels and budgets. Where space is limited or security/vandalism is a problem, we offer Combi and Concertina cages


Installation and assembly service available for all cricket cages. For more information and pricing please call 0845 0949 306 or email


*Due to the very nature of the products supplied delivery charges do vary

**All prices include VAT where applicable


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Concertina Cage

Product no.: CRT-MC-CO08

An innovative cricket cage designed to be used where space is at a premium. Stores away to only 50cm from its fixed position

From £3,120.00 *

Club Mobile Cage

From the Club range this Practice Cricket Cage is designed for those working with a stict budget and will serve your club well for many years. 

£1,620.00 *

Premier Mobile Cage

A mid-priced mobile cricket cage from the Premier range. Manufactured to a high quality for regular use. 

£1,932.00 *

Professional Mobile Cage

Very high quality mobile cage from the Professional range. Ideal for above average and high usage practice net sessions and training 

£2,280.00 *

Combi Mobile Cage

A combination of a fixed cage and the Concertina cage. Ideal for artificial wickets, school playgrounds, and indoor sports halls

£2,820.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery