Cricket Ground Accessories

Cricket Ground Accessories


Essential cricket ground accessories and tooling for any grounds person. 

  • Stumps gauges
  • Crease marker
  • Boundary winder and rope

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Crease Marker

Product no.: CRT-MS-CRM
3 section folding steel frame for marking out wicket crease to perfection with ease
£177.60 *

Stump Gauges

Product no.: CRT-MS-STG

Set of 5 robust zinc plated gauges for marking out cricket stumps

£111.00 *

Spring Return Stumps

Product no.: CRT-MS-SRS

Durable regulation size stumps. Solid steel base with aluminium stumps

£81.48 *

Single Rope Winder

Product no.: CRT-MS-MRWS

Heavy duty single mobile rope winder for 220m of 28mm boundary rope

£570.00 *

Double Rope Winder

Product no.: CRT-MS-MRWD

Mobile double rope winder for extra boundary rope

£768.00 *

Boundary Rope

Product no.: CRT-MS-BDR

220m coil of cricket pitch boundary rope available in 3 sizes

From £175.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery