Cricket Mats and Wickets

Cricket Mats and Wickets


Outdoor cricket wickets and matting for cricket practice and training. As well as protection grassed areas the exciting 2G Flicx cricket pitches are designed to help players development. Unique colour coded systems help teach modern bowling and batting techniques and improve accuracy skills as part of players development. There's also an element of fun! See also our roll out cricket mat suitable for indoor cricket in sports halls. 

  • Outdoor roll out wickets
  • Indoor roll out cricket mats

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Indoor Cricket Mat

Product no.: CRT-MT-PPJ10

PVC backed needle punch cricket matting. Roll out cricket matting ideal for indoor sports halls

From £514.80 *

Flicx Match Pitch

Product no.: FXW-7210

The 2G Flicx Match Pitch all green traditional design, most suitable for game play achieving a consistent bounce on a wide range of surfaces

From £1,009.99 *

Flicx Eagle Eye Coaching Pitch

Product no.: FXW-2810

The 2G Eagle-eyed Pitch imitates the Hawk eye referral system. Different coloured tiles illustrat bowling lengths to aid training

From £999.60 *

Flicx Skills Pitch

Product no.: FXW-2910

A perfect coaching aid for young players in schools and clubs. Bowling and Batting targets help players achieve a consistent line and length

From £999.60 *

Flicx 2G Carry Cradle

Product no.: FXW-001

Transport your 2G Flicx pitch with ease with a cradle on wheels. Protects your pitch from damage

£420.00 *
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