Primary and Junior activity

Primary and Junior activity


We supply an excellent range of innovative products and equipment designed specifically for young children's activity. These products will encourage young children to be active and will assist with personal development through natural movement and physical activity. Our range of early years activity equipment will help make activity lessons a lot more fun too! 


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Active Scoot Round

Good for balance and building strength. This a real fun product to get children active. 

£50.64 *

Coloured Shape Floor Mats

Product no.: MIR300

Set of 6 colour and shape coded polyester-topped mats with a rubber anti-slip base

£92.40 *

Starter trampette

Product no.: ACT700

Mini Trampette ideal for use by younger children, particularly in a soft play environment

£240.00 *

Junior Rocker Board

Product no.: ACT906

Junior Rocker Board with carpet covered top for comfort and grip and can be used in a sitting, kneeling or standing position

£42.00 *

Junior Wobble Board

Product no.: ACT905

Junior wobble board is great for increasing core strength and flexibility.

£40.80 *

Maze Wobble Board

Exercise while you play with this giant wobble board which incorporates two maze games on the top surface

£81.60 *

Bump Around

Product no.: KPR080

An infinitely manoeuvrable unit fitted with rubber tyred castors and a tough rubber tyre rim to absorb the energies of over-enthusiastic drivers

£81.60 *


Product no.: STL001

A pair of hardwearing solid timber stilts suitable for use both indoors and outdoors

£54.00 *

Zig Zag Balance Boards

Product no.: ACT920

A colourful set of balance boards with connectors which can be arranged in various shapes

£108.00 *

Bendy Beam

Product no.: ACT910

An 8 piece balance set that can be laid in various formations

£43.20 *

Coloured Tower Blocks

Product no.: ACT125

A brightly coloured set of 48 natural timber blocks in a mix of colours to add variety to this classic garden or indoor game

£84.00 *

Tower Blocks

Product no.: NGP120

Great Fun for all ages, play this large version of the classic game. Set of 60 natural finish blocks

£106.80 *
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