A range of powder coated steel framed or aluminium trestles, agility tables and movement tables with colour coded upholstered platforms providing a variety of options for use with linking and bridging apparatus. An excellent addition to any school gymnasium for PE and activity

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Agility Tables

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAT030

Powder coated steel framed agility table with colour coded upholstered platform. Available in 6 sizes

From £80.64 *

Agility Table Sets

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAT140

Multi buy sets - various mixed sets available including full set of 6 with trolley 

From £358.00 *

Padded Hexagonal Movement Table

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAT200

Hexagonal Movement Table 840mm high powder coated steel with vinyl covered padded top

£346.70 *

Lita® Tables

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAT304

A new lightweight and more versatile shape agility table, manufactured from aluminium and available in 4 sizes 

From £151.27 *

Lita® Movement Tables

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAT215

Lightweight hexagonal movement tables manufactured from aluminium with vinyl covered upholstered tops

From £258.49 *

Agility Trestles

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAR061

Powder coated steel Agility Trestles available in three heights. Economical and versatile piece of equipment for school gymnasiums. 

From £84.07 *

Lita Folding Trestle

Product no.: GYS-AG-LAR205

Manufactured in aluminium folding trestles are a light versatile part of our Agility Range and suitable for use with linking equipment 

From £205.93 *

10 Piece Agility Set

Product no.: GYS-AG-PGK010

10 piece Agility Set. Agility tables and linking equipment in 1 package deal

£1,041.28 *

Agility Set 5 Piece

Product no.: GYS-AG-PGK050

5 piece Agility Set. Agility tables and linking equipment in 1 package deal

£657.06 *
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