Climbing frames

Climbing frames


Fixed gymnastic equipment and climbing frames are one of the most important and versatile items of equipment in modern gymnasiums. Sports Facility Equipment supply and install a range of climbing frames that offer a wide choice of activities for all ages and levels of ability. All units are supplied in standard sizes, but bespoke sizes are available to suit individual sites and user requirements.  Timber climbing frame units can have traditional oval timber bars, or brightly painted colour coded steel bars.




All fixed gymnastic equipment and frames offered does require professional installation and regular maintenance by qualified technicianss.  Sports Facility Equipment can provide these services. 

Due to the very nature of these products and installation dependencies prices are available on application. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to offer impartial advice and provide a formal quotation.


Rainbow frame - climbing frameRainbow Frame:     A colourful and robust Climbing Frame suitable for use in Key Stage 1 and 2 activities.  Constructed with 32mm dia tubular steel within a 50 x 25 box section frame. Powder coat finish providing wear and scratch resistance, in green, orange and purple, with purple ladders. The frame can be used in both ‘T’ and ‘Y’ configurations, and is braced by two steel ladders for extra stability. Each gate measures 2750mm high x 1830mm wide. When folded against the wall the frame occupies an area of 2m wide x 240mm deep x 2.75m high. 


Spectrum frame - climbing frameSpectrum Frame:     Spectrum (Y-Hinged) Frames are perhaps the best option for modern junior gymnasia, and as such, are now one of our most popular product ranges. The space-saving Y configuration allows the frame to be used in quite small areas to full advantage. All three sections can be used simultaneously for a great variety of movement and exercise, and the unit can be easily opened and closed. When stored, the unit only requires a relatively small wall area.



Double frame - climbing frameDouble Frame:     Double Hinged Frames are permanently connected and braced by a rigid bar that provides a unit of exceptional stability. This rigid bar also offers the possibility of attaching additional rope ladders, climbing ropes etc. Available in 2 sizes, 10ft Junior Double Frame or 12ft Senior Double Frame, wooden oval bars or coloured steel bars. Single Hinged Frames are also available and the simplest units in the range, and are ideal for the low cost provision of climbing and movement activities



Hinged rope frame Hinged Rope Frame:     Increasingly popular units, especially where an unsuitable roof structure prohibits the use of an overhead trackway.  Manufactured in tough powder coated steel, hinged rope frames store flat against the wall when not in use. Hinged Rope Frame available with either 4no ropes or 3 ropes and 1 ladder.



Hinged counter balance beamHinged Counter Balance Beam:     Wall mounted counter balance beam units are easily wheeled into position on non-marking wheels and rigidly held by simply operated wall mounted straining wires. A braced top steel section also helps to ensure maximum stability during use. With 2 counter balanced horizontal beams makes this unit extremely versatile. Folds flat against wall when not in use. Available in 2 sizes - 4.2m high unit or 5.2m high unit.


Fixed gymnastic wall barsFixed Wall Bars:     A quintessential element in gymnasia and are familiar to generations of gymnasts. Traditional wall bars are wall mounted at the top and floor mounted at the base but we also offer the ‘hygienic’ arrangement which provides for wall mounting at both the top and bottom so allowing free access beneath the installation for cleaning and access. Supplied in single sections 2692mm high x 880mm wide, they can be installed in any multiples desired.



Activ tower - climbing frameActiv Tower:     The Activ Tower is a unique system that is brightly coloured and designed with children in mind. The system focuses on a range of gymnastic movements; balance, weight transfer, traveling, flight and shape. The Activ Tower is designed to work with Gym Time equipment and also traditional linking equipment.





Gym centre - climbing frameGym Centre:     An exciting addition to the Gym Time range. The Gym Centre consists of three frames each with a different range of activities. The frames are less than 2m high joined together and open out into a ‘Y’ configuration 3.0m from wall x 3.5m wide to present a multitude of activity and linking possibilities. Also easily fold away against the wall.



Supply and install prices available upon request and are dependent on location and building structure. All climbing frames require professional installation and regular maintenance by appropriately qualified technicians

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a formal quotation.