Gym Time Range

Gym Time Range


A range of trestles, tops and activities that are all compatible with each other to offer an unending number of variations. To assist hand grip the equipment has been designed using larger tubes than conventional trestles, but the section of tube used also allows them to be lighter without sacrificing strength. A unique fastening eases the job of assembly, allowing children to participate in setting up for class and even suggesting and trying out their own ideas of layout. 

Storage – a major consideration in the design of Gym Time was that it should occupy as little space as possible when stored. All of the equipment in the range either nests together or stacks to give the most economic use of space. 
Versatile – being of modular design and incorporating a unique system of linking, the Gym Time range can be arranged in a countless number of different configurations to suit a wide range of gymnastic activities and age groups. 
Safe – a unique non slip linking method for joining the equipment together, and large rubber feet means that the apparatus will not move or slide in use. The system has also been designed to eliminate all finger, limb and head traps. 
Lightweight – The Gym Time range utilises strong light materials which make it possible for children to lift and move equipment in line with the requirements of PE in the National Curriculum. 
Interchangeable - the whole of the Gym Time range can be used to complement traditional gymnastic equipment and the linking equipment will fasten safely to traditional trestles, wall bars and climbing frames.

'Endorsed by British Gymnastics'

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Gym Time Complete Pack

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT900

26 piece Gym Time set complete with user guide support pack

£2,323.20 *

Gym Time KS1 Pack

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT600

9 piece set from the Gym Time range. Designed for schools and ideal for KS1 

£1,470.00 *

Gym Time Trestle

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT010

Gym Time trestle - large 1070mm (42”) high trestle

From £100.00 *

Gym Time Plain Top

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT040

Plain timber top for trestles in the Gym Time range

£106.07 *

Gym Time Padded Top

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT050

Padded top for trestles in the Gym Time range

£55.62 *

Top Pad and Plain Top Complete

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT049

Gym Time Top Pad and Plain Top Complete

£145.29 *

Balance Bench complete with Top Pad

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT059

Balance Bench 8’ long with top pad. The Gym Time Balance Bench offers many advantages over traditional models

£378.46 *

Gym Time Single Bar

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT100

Gym Time Single Bar used suspended between equipment for traversing or as a support for other linking apparatus

£110.40 *

Gym Time Ladder

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT110

Gym Time ladder. Using the Gym Time Velcro® fixing system gives a rigid climbing ladder up to or across a trestle or wall bar

£142.87 *

Gym Time Balance/Slide Plank

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT120

Gym Time Balance and Slide Plank. A versatile linking element in its own right as well as providing a rigidly held link between equipment

£152.34 *

Gym Time Scramble Net

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT160

An exciting addition to the Gym Time range. The scramble net offers challenging experience of working with a flexible climbing medium

£317.83 *

Gym Time Cat Ladder

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT170

Gym Time Cat Ladder. Use horizontally between Gym Time trestles, traditional movement tables, climbing frames

£137.64 *

Gym Time Beam

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT140

Gym Time beam is versatile addition to the Gym Time system provides further exciting challenges to compliment this trendsetting range

£272.28 *

Gym Time Bouncer Frame

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT350

Lightweight bouncer has been designed to compliment the other products in the Gym Time range as well as being suitable for use as a stand alone item

£368.88 *

Gym Time Target Time

Product no.: GYS-GT-LGT150

Target Time. Developed to aid throwing and aiming. Velcro® covered target board ensures a high success rate 

£315.37 *
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