Sports benches

Sports benches


Traditional benches have been around for decades and have proven to be a key piece of equipment in the gymnasium and sports hall. A simple product that has passed the test of time. New designs have been developed over the years to reduce the weight and increase functionality.  Colours and graphics are now available intended for the younger children in activities. We supply a range of traditional and new design benches ideal for physical and sporting activities.  

We do have multi-buy offers available on some benches and we are always happy to look at package prices for larger orders. Quotations are available on request. Please contact us for further details. 

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Traditional Balance Benches

These traditional balance benches are superbly constructed to the highest standards. Proven construction methods used which produces a bench with optimum structural stability

£217.21 *

Euro Bench

A low cost option to traditional benches especially suitable for the nursery and primary school

£218.11 *


Ideal for easy movement and storage, particularly in primary schools. Available with timber top or padded top in 4 different colours

£314.65 *

Lita®bench multi-buy deal

Multi-buy - set of 4 Lita Benches, 1 of each colour.  Available with timber top or padded top in 4 different colours

£1,204.80 *


Designed primarily for school use this bench is a lighter and economical alternative to the Traditional Balance Bench

£196.13 *

ActivBench multi-buy deal

Multi-buy deal is for a set of 4 coloured benches - 1 of each colour. Designed primarily for school use

£793.42 *

ActivBench with Graphics

Snake Graphics or Feet Graphics, this 2m long natural timber bench incorporates colours and numbers for cross curricular activities 

£214.13 *
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