Matchday Pitch Side & Goal Accessories

Matchday Pitch Side & Goal Accessories


Essential pitch side and football goal accessories. Simple but effective pitch side equipment goal accessories to ensure your goals are fit and ready for matches. Must have pieces of equipment for anyone planning or playing organised football matches. High quality and affordable match day and pitch side equipment available for football clubs at all levels. 

  • Goal net ties and pegs
  • Pitch side barrier
  • Subs boards
  • Corner flags

*Standard £10.00 delivery per order for all products in our football equipment range

**All prices include VAT where applicable

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Goal Net Clips

Product no.: FB-GL-NCP

Bag of 80 goal net clips 

£7.80 *

Metal Net Pegs

Product no.: FB-GL-MNP

Metal net pegs. Enough for 2 goals with pouch 

£7.20 *

Safety Gaol Net pegs

Product no.: FB-GL-SNP

Plastic net pegs. Enough for 2 goals 

£7.20 *

Velcro Gaol Net Ties

Product no.: FB-GL-VNT

Pack of 40 Velcro Net Ties. Enough for 2 goals 

£8.40 *

Net Hammer

Product no.: FB-GL-HAM

Ideal hammer for kocking in metal pegs into hard ground

£5.40 *

Electronic Subs Board

Product no.: FB-PT-SUBE

Finest quality with 150 metres visibility even in daylight

£408.00 *

Pitchside Barrier

Product no.: FB-PT-BR50

50 metres pitch side barrier with strong heavy duty poles and webbing tape which will not tear

£60.00 *

Fold Out Pitchside Seat

Product no.: FB-PT-FOS

Folding pitch side seats for six persons

£138.00 *

Manual subs board

Product no.: FB-PT-SUBM

Shows player on in green & player off in red on reverse side of board

£22.50 *

Euro Corner Pole Set

Product no.: FB-CF-EUR

Continental style set corner flag and pole set with carry bag

£42.00 *

Standard Corner Flag Pole

Product no.: FB-CF-STW

A basic standard corner flag pole only

£3.00 *

Corner Pole Base

Product no.: FB-CF-BAS1

Weighted corner pole base for use on astro or hard grounds

£5.04 *

Corner Flags

Product no.: FB-CF-FLG

Huge range of colours available. Plain and dual colours

£2.40 *

Corner Pole Ground Sleeve

Product no.: FB-CF-SLE

Spare ground sleeve for corner pole

£4.80 *

Pro Corner Pole Set

Product no.: FB-CF-PRO

Set of 4 heavy duty spring loaded pro corner flag pole set in carry bag

£42.00 *
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