Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment


Players safety is of paramount importance, no matter what level of football you are in. Essential 1st aid kits for all levels to ensure you are best prepared for all organised football activities including training, match days and fun festivals.


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Health & Safety 1st Aid Box

Product no.: FE-MED331

First aid box with approved contents for up to 20 persons

£24.00 *

Junior Soccer Medical Bag

Product no.: FB-MED332

First aid bag filled with F.A. recommended kit 

£19.20 *

Standard Soccer Medical Bag

Product no.: FB-MED333

Medical bag with compartments filled with F.A. recommended kit

£31.20 *

Ice Pack

Product no.: FB-MED20CE

Pack of 20 ice packs for single use

£27.60 *

Cold Tape Bandage

Product no.: FB-MED723CT

Top of the range arctic tape bandage re-useable for up to 20 times

£24.00 *

Standard Medical Refil Pack

Product no.: FB-MED333R

Medical refill kit as recommended by the FA

£32.40 *

Pro Medical Refill Pack

Product no.: FB-MED334R

Pro medical refill kit, preferred by professional football clubs

£40.80 *
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