More Soft Play

More Soft Play


Each of the these playstations has been designed to present many movement learning experiences.

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Castle Wall

Product no.: SPL-JJF590

The two Castle Walls are complete with four sets (shapes,man,tower and tree) of Velcro® patches for picture making       

£574.80 *

Wonder Wave - whole

Product no.: SPL-JJF390

The complete wonder wave in two parts 

£840.00 *

Criss Cross Set

Product no.: SPL-JJF490

Four elements set combines playtime with the development of simple stepping and balance skills

£362.40 *

Soft Play Springboard

Product no.: SPL-ACT960

Manufactured from lightweight polyethelyne foam with a soft vinyl cover

£162.00 *

Soft Play Box

Product no.: SPL-ACT970

A soft foam filled one piece vaulting box ideal for use with the foam springboard

£193.20 *

Soft Play Beam

Product no.: SPL-ACT950

A balance beam manufactured from cross linked foam with a soft vinyl cover

£120.00 *

Segmented Foam Beam

Product no.: SPL-ACT957

Cross linked foam covered in soft vinyl. Supplied as a set of 6, giving a total length of 3.6m

£234.00 *

Soft Play Wide Foam Wedge

Product no.: SPL-ACT956

Extra wide wedge constructed from cross linked foam with a soft vinyl cover

£266.40 *

Soft Truncated Foam Wedge

Product no.: SPL-ACT958

Wedge features a platform at the higher end and extra width allows side rolls

£248.40 *
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