Protection Netting

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Bespoke solutions for protection netting to help protect clad walls, overhead services or for pitch divisions. Our protection netting systems are designed and made to order to suit site specific conditions, customer requirements and specification. Using proven methods and techniques we supply and install fully tensioned cable systems designed for each individual project. We can accommodate for all situations and building designs to suit all sports and budgets.


Ceiling Protection Nets 

If you have concerns about projectiles damaging ceiling panels or light units then we would recommend our roof protection net system. Fitted on tension wires is square mesh netting throughout. The netting will be sectioned for ease of access for future maintenance to above services.


Side Protection Netting 

If you have sheet metal clad walls in your sports hall you will know that not only can the noise of balls hitting it be annoying, but you will also be frustrated by losing balls and shuttle cocks on the many ledges. Our side protection netting is designed and fitted to cover entire wall sections to alleviate the noise as well as protect the wall from damage


Protection netting requirements will differ from hall to hall and we are able to provide solutions for every situation. Using basic methodology, we modify and tweak each individual installation on site to suit the particular situation and environment.


Netting available in a array of colours and mesh sizes including 22mm, 50mm and 100mm. 


Price on application for all protection netting. Please contact us with your requirements or to book a free site visit. We are here to help at any time and would be pleased to offer our advice and provide a formal quotation.


For further information and pricing please call 0845 0949 306 or email

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