Boot Wipers


A small selection of boot wipers. Ideal solutions for cleaning muddy boots outside changing rooms and club houses.  


*Standard £10.00 delivery per order for all boot wipers

**All prices include VAT where applicable

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Arch Type Bootscraper

Product no.: GE-BS-ARC

The arch type boot scraper is for heavy duty use, made from 48mm diameter galvanised steel. Brushes on the base and side plus scraping blade

£309.60 *

Rail Boot Scraper

Product no.: GE-BS-RA4
Rail Bootscraper made from 33mm diameter galvanised steel complete with durable brushes
£266.40 *

Freestanding Boot Scraper

Product no.: GE-BS-FST

Boot scraper made from steel and blue polyester powder coated finish and comes complete with 8 durable brushes on the base and 2 scraping blades

£223.20 *
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