Sports Facility Equipment supply and install a range of custom made padding for a multitude of applications.  Padding designed, tested and manufactured to the required standard and specification.   

  • Post padding
  • Column padding
  • Wall padding
  • Control and Restraint training




Column protection padding:     Exposed corners and steel columns in areas where sports are played have the potential to cause personal injury.  Unprotected areas such as these are easily protected by use of protection padding to significantly reduce the risk of causing harm to anyone.


Wall padding:     Wall padding for run off areas for any sport is available, most popular requirement is for basketball. Protection padding and solutions are also available for entire wall sections

Control and Restaint padding:     We also provide specialist padding for Control and Restraint training rooms.  We pad out entire rooms with floor, wall and ceiling padding to create a completed padded and safe environment for Control and Restraint training.


Post padding:    A range of standard and bespoke padding for games equipment. Protection padding available for all types of games posts such as  padding for netball posts, basketball post padding, rugby post padding etc. 


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