Crazy Catch


Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net. Whatever your sport, Improve your game and have fun with Crazy Catch. A choice of various rebound nets suitable for all levels and abilities. The Crazy Catch system is designed:

  • to be fun
  • help develop and improve reaction
  • help and devleop catching skills 

*Standard £10.00 delivery per order for all products in our Crazy Catch range

**All prices include VAT where applicable

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New Rebound Net

Product no.: RF100

£130.00 *

Wild Child Classic

Product no.: CC-WCCL

£128.70 *

Wild Child Double Trouble

Product no.: CC-WCDT

£128.70 *

Upstart Classic

Product no.: CC-UPCL

£107.06 *

Upstart Double Trouble

Product no.: CC-UPDT

£107.06 *

Crazy Catch Freestyle

Product no.: CC-FRST

£53.23 *

Professional Classic

Product no.: CC-PRCL

£204.41 *

Professional Double Trouble

Product no.: CC-PRDT

£204.41 *
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