Soccer Tennis & Rebounders

Soccer Tennis & Rebounders


Soccer tennis net sets and rebounders for skill development whilst having fun. Excellent value equipment for added training benefits. Football Training Equipment, developed through years of experience with input from both professional and grassroots clubs

  • Soccer tennis nets
  • Reaction rebounder nets
  • Crazy catch rebounders 

*Standard £10.00 delivery per order for all products in our football equipment range

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Pro Soccer Tennis

Product no.: FB-TRT-PST

Ideal for Pro clubs heavy duty steel construction for use on grass or hard surface

£138.00 *

Senior Soccer Tennis

Product no.: FB-TRT-SST
For use on grass. Good for improving aerial ability, supplied with carry bag


£48.00 *

Junior Soccer Tennis

Product no.: FB-TRT-JST
For use on grass. With carry bag. Ideal for Junior or Grass Roots clubs


£32.40 *

Wheeled Soccer Tennis

Product no.: FB-TRT-WST

Top quality product for professional use. Can be easily adjusted up to 6ft high

£900.00 *

Quick Rebounder

Product no.: FB-TRR-QUR

Ideal for high intenisty training or warm-up drills 1 metre square

£66.00 *

Two Way Quick Rebounder

Product no.: FB-TRR-DBR

One side net, the other tetron sheet for fast or medium rebound

£84.00 *

3 Sided Rebounder

Product no.: FB-TRR-3SR

Can be adjusted into a triangle or flat or angled setting to offer the coach various routines

£134.40 *

Goal Keeping Rebounder

Product no.: FB-TRR-GKR1

Hand held rebounder ideal for creating fast impact, goalkeeper training drills

£48.00 *

Large Rebounder

Product no.: FB-TRR-96HD

Heavy duty rebounder - 9ft x 6ft 

£240.00 *

Wild Child Classic

Product no.: CC-WCCL

The Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic is a great training aid so versatile that it can be used to improve a wide range of skills in nearly all sports

£128.70 *

Wild Child Double Trouble

Product no.: CC-WCDT

The Crazy Catch Wildchild Double is the ultimate reaction trainer on the market and the only rebound net with TWO INSANE side

£128.70 *

Upstart Classic

Product no.: CC-UPCL

Crazy Catch Upstart gives you exactly the same performance as the bigger models whilst still being strong

£107.06 *

Upstart Double Trouble

Product no.: CC-UPDT

The Crazy Catch Upstart Double is the ultimate reaction trainer with TWO INSANE sides. The perfect training aid for sports 

£107.06 *

Crazy Catch Freestyle

Product no.: CC-FRST

The Crazy Catch Freestyle is small and compact and a lot of fun perfect for the serious or developing sports person

£53.23 *

Professional Classic

Product no.: CC-PRCL

Large target area and heavy duty design makes the Original ideal for group use at schools and sports clubs

£204.41 *
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1 - 15 of 16 results