All Storage Trolleys

All Storage Trolleys


Sports Facility Equipment have a range of trolleys for storage and transportation of PE and games equipment. All made to help make your life easier and help keep your store area neat and tidy. Our range of trolleys include:

  • horizontal mat trolleys
  • inclined mat trolleys
  • cricket mat trolleys
  • ball storage and equipment
  • specially designed equipment trolleys  

*Standard £10.00 delivery per order for all products in our PE storage range

**All prices include VAT where applicable

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Horizontal Junior Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR420

A heavy duty mat trolley that is robust enough to stand up to the toughest conditions  

£160.08 *

Jumbo Storage Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR740

A large heavy duty multipurpose storage trolley with a large full height container suitable for hoops, hockey sticks, rackets and other awkwardly shaped items

£432.00 *

Sure Shot 16 Ball Trolley

Product no.: STO-BT462

Ball storage rack ideal unit for ball storage on and off the court

£114.00 *

Vertical Mat Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR450

Vertical mat trolley suitable for 10-14. Blue polyester painted steel unit 

£261.60 *

Inclined Mat Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR470

Inclined vertical trolley holds mats firmly in position. Ideally suited where space is limited

£288.00 *

Horizontal Senior Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR440

A larger version of the Junior trolley that is robust enough to stand up to the toughest conditions

£219.60 *

Multi Purpose Ball Cage

Product no.: GYS-ST-SS463

Multi-Purpose Ball Cage from Sure Shot. An ideal system for storing balls and then moving from storage to playing area

£222.00 *

Carpet Trolley Indoor

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR480

Roll out matting trolley easily move and store all types of cricket matting, bowls matting and related items

£150.00 *

Mesh Storage Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR730

A heavy duty wire mesh storage trolley with drop down front section for ease of access 

£384.00 *

Deluxe Storage Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR700

A capacious and versatile storage trolley with both fixed and removable storage and suitable for a wide variety of products

£414.00 *

Large Equipment Storage Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR722

A very versatile and sizeable storage trolley with 4 removable plastic storage boxes and a large integral wire storage container 

£288.00 *

Aerobic Mat Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR400

Excellent value this great product is Ideal storage and transporter for standard aerobic mats

£210.00 *

Giant Wire Basket

Product no.: GYS-ST-EBB340

Economical storage basket with lid and castors. Welded steel mesh basket has a white powder coated finish

£90.00 *

Junior Vertical Mat Trolley

Product no.: GYS-ST-ETR460

A junior version of the vertical mat trolley designed to carry 6-8 of the smaller chip-foam, lightweight or sandwich mats

£164.40 *

Sure Shot 12 Ball Caddy

Product no.: GYS-ST-466

Sure Shot ball caddy.  Ideal system for moving and storing upto 12 basketballs, folds up for easy storage

£98.40 *
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1 - 15 of 16 results