A truly magical experience. A huge 5.5m long Soft Play ‘carpet’ fitted with Velcro® strips and pads which allow children to build their own structures by ‘sticking’ on up to nineteen different shapes in limitless combinations. Using the Support Pack tutors can carefully promote concepts such as stand, walk, over, under, push-pull, rock and build. Soft Play products in this range can be purchased individually or you can make savings with the multi-buy deal for a complete set

Fire Retardancy
Manufactured in the UK, our premier quality combustion modified Safeguard foam is wrapped within a fire resistant cotton fabric which enables these products to comply with the stringent Sports Council fire test SCFM87 using ignition source 5. The tough colourful PVC coated nylon covering is supple and easily cleaned. 

Magic Carpet range is endorsed by British Gymnastics

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