Move and Play

Move and Play


Particularly suitable for children from 4 to 7 years of age who have perhaps used the Frolic range to obtain a basic movement vocabulary. Move and Play provides the challenge of larger scale apparatus and encourages progression. A great range for developing poise, balance and skills in structured play and general gymnastics.

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Move and Play Complete Set

Product no.: SPL-JJM290

Move and Play soft play range is particularly suitable for children from 4 to 7 years

£1,800.00 *

Move and Play Mushroom

Product no.: SPL-JJM250

Use to develop balance, poise and strength or for shape training when inverted

£385.16 *

Move and Play Wheel

Product no.: SPL-JJM230

Cushioned wheel combines well with other items in the Move & Play range

£361.20 *

Move and Play Steps

Product no.: SPL-JJM200

Provides a wealth of linking or easy access/exit options for combination stations

£296.40 *

Move and Play Cog

Product no.: SPL-JJM240

A shape to tackle from many angles. Stable when upright and useful as a training/conditioning station when flat

£372.00 *

Move and Play Rod

Product no.: SPL-JJM210

A great forward and backward roll activator. Versatile and fun piece in the Move and Play soft play range 

£249.60 *

Move and Play Banana Rocker

Product no.: SPL-JJM220

Restful or riotous depending on your energy level ! Easy to climb over, crawl under, balance on or roll off

£278.40 *
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